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DataCard 9000 Embossing Machine
Datacard 9000
High Speed | High Volume
Plastic Card Embossing
Plastic Card Services is Dedicated to Providing Only the Highest Quality
New and Used Embossing Equipment Available
Purchase an embossing system with the modules of your choice
Or purchase the modules separately to upgrade your existing equipment
These are the mostly requested and available modules
for the DataCard Model 9000 Card Personalization System
  • Embossing Module
    • Provides the raised characters you find on a credit card.
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoder Module
    • Writes variable information onto the magnetic stripe.
  • Graphix Module
    • (Flat card printing) Uses a thermal print head to burn the color foil into the surface of card,
      either front, rear, or both sides (Such as barcode or variable text)
      • This can be 240 or 300 DPI quality. (Prints one color per module)
  • Label Activation Module
    • Applies an activation sticker to the front of the card.
  • Smart Card Module
    • Enables the writing of information into a chip built into the card.
      • Can hold hundreds of pages of information.
  • Color Photo Module
    • Prints a color picture or text onto the surface of the card.
  • Topper Module
    • Applies a color film to the surface of the embossed characters on the card to make them readable
      and attractive when the customer receives it. These come, mainly, in white, gold, silver, black and
      blue. However; other colors are available.
  • Overlay Modules (There are three types depending on your needs or requirements)
    These modules extend the life of the graphic on the card that is placed by the photo or graphix module.
    • Topcoat Module
      • Applies a thin (.01") clear overlay to the surface of the card to protect graphix printing.
    • CardGuard Module
      • Thicker overlay used mainly with the photo module to protect the color image on the card
        It uses a UV light to affix the overlay to the card. This material can be embossed upon if
        in-line with the system.
    • DuraGuard Module
      • This is the heaviest application of film and provides the highest level of protection
        This overlay cannot be embossed upon.
  • Ultraform Module
    • This module applies the finished (personalized) card onto a carrier. It can apply up to four cards to
      a single carrier, and folds it into a "Z" fold and stacks them. It can then send them to the Ultrapack
      for insertion, if one is available.
  • UltraPack Module
    • This is the inserter. It attaches to the Ultraform and inserts the card/carrier into an envelope and
      allows you to add up to 6 additional pieces of mailing into the envelope. It then seals the envelopes
      and stacks it into a bin.

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