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Embossing equipment is separated into two segments; Instant Issuance and High Volume.
An overview of each group is provided below.
You may select the appropriate link to view your segment of choice.
 High speed, high volume Embossing machines and equipment are for those companies that are in a production floor environment producing plastic cards at a high volume as a card issuance agency. These embossing machines are larger than the Instant Issuance, desktop machines and are generally run in a production floor environment. A single high volume plastic card embossing machine may service the needs of many small to medium businesses.
 Base units, as well as modules for magnetic stripe, tipping and others features are available new and used.

Select High Speed - High Volume Embossing Machines to learn how these card embossing machines can benefit your mail shop...
 Instant issuance embossing machines are for companies of any size with intent to deliver "on-the-spot" plastic cards for use within their organization. The cards include, but are not limited to, photo IDs, secure access, visitor management, and timecards.
 These machines are generally smaller and require less space, capable of use from cabinet, desktop or small table.
While these machines produce cards at a lesser volume, they create the same high quality, multi-use cards as their larger, high volume counterparts.

Select Instant Issuance Embossing Machines to find out how these card embossing machines can benefit your company or organization...
For more information on available modules
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